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Marine Products


The standard materials in Sherwood Pumps are chosen for extended life in the aggressive marine environments. The materials that come in contact with seawater or freshwater are corrosion resistant. Furthermore, Sherwood has optional mechanical seals with hardened faces to promote seal life in abrasive applications, phenolic cams and stainless steel wearplates to extend impeller life, and direction seals as well as hardened shafts to extend oil seal life.


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Materials Available:

Shaft - Stainless Steel Alloys

Housing - Brass and Stainless Steel Alloys

Body - Aluminum, Brass, and Cast Iron

Shaft Seals - Mechanical Seals Standard (hardened face seals optional)

Oil Seals - Double and Directional Lip Seals

Impellers - Neoprene Standard with Stainless Steel or Brass Alloy Insert

Cam - Brass Alloys and Phenolic

Adaptors - Aluminum and Cast Iron