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The seawater pump is the heart of the marine engine, supplying continuous water flow to maintain consistent engine temperatures. And, the #1 reason for Premature Engine Wear Is Overheating. To maintain engine performance, warranty and liability - - - insist upon the Original, Engine Tested & Engine Specified Sherwood.

Sherwood History

Sherwood beginnings date back to 1903, when William Sherwood and his friend and business partner David Buick (of General Motors fame) operated a copper brass plumbing business. They parted ways as Buick became more interested in the automobile. Sherwood then developed the plumbing accessories and beer equipment business into a foundry and machine shop, where he was sought out by Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers, and others for the expanding auto-driven industries in Detroit, Michigan.

In the 1920s, another entrepreneur named Chris Smith helped create the inboardpowered pleasure boat industry by combining automobile engines and boat hulls. His company, Chris-Craft, incorporated William Sherwood's expertise of plumbing and custom manufacturing, as they developed the first seawater pumps for marine inboard engines.

With the advent of World War II, Sherwood became a major supplier of marine engine coolant pumps for the U.S. Navy. On June 6, 1944, a Chris-Craft built personnel carrier with a Sherwood pump was the first allied landing craft to hit Normandy beaches. During this time, Sherwood also supplied pumps to marine engines of Buda, Caterpillar, Cummins, Gray, Hercules and Packard.

Following WW II, the pleasure boating industry grew. Sherwood evolved to accommodate the exacting cooling pump needs of this growing market. Sherwood kept pace with the new engines from Chrysler, Ford and GM by continuing, expanding and developing relationships with Chris-Craft, Chrysler Marine, Crusader, and OMC.

Over the years, Sherwood seawater pumps have developed a reputation of excellence in quality. Today, as part of Pentair, the Sherwood brand has taken the history of quality designs and manufacturing to become the seawater pump of choice for many of the most prestigiousengine manufactures around the world..