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PIRANHA™ Angled Port Aerator 1100 12 VDC 1100 GPH

Smart. Reliable. Attractive. Efficient. Our tough density nylon housing and heavy duty water cooled motor give the SHURFLO® livewell pumps unparalleled reliability. Patented anti-airlock feature allows the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when the boat is anchored. The dual port fitting allows for easy washdown connections. These aerator pumps have a removable cartridge for easy cleaning. 

Installation & Operation


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PIRANHA™ Angled Port Aerator 1100 12 VDC 1100 GPH

Model Numbers OEM/Aftermarket

357-104-00, 358-104-10


Removable Cartridge, Anti-Airlock, Tough Nylon Housing, Washdown Port Connection, Submersible, Tinned 6' Wire Assembly, Ignition Protected, ISO 8846

Dimensions Inches/Millimeters

7" x 7.75" [178 x 191mm]

Port Size Inlet/Outlet

3/4" [19mm] Inlet 1-1/8" [29mm] Outlet

Flow Rate

1100 GPH [4163 LPH]

Amps (Max.)



12 VDC

Removable Cartridge
High Density Nylon Housing
Heavy Duty Water Cooled Motor
Includes Hex Nut & Washer
Ignition Protected
ISO 8846
2 Year Warranty
CE Listed
Model Number 357-104-00

OEM 1100 GPH [4163 LPH]

Model Number 357-104-10

Aftermarket 1100 GPH [4163 LPH]

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