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EXTREME™ Smart Sensor 5.7 Fresh Water Pump 12 VDC

This SHURFLO® 12 VDC Smart Sensor™ 5.7 variable speed pump provides “Just Like Home” flow flexibility. Cracking open a single fixture delivers smooth, whisper quiet, water conserving operation. You may also choose to turn up the flow and enjoy a warm, high-pressured shower for “Just Like Home” comfort, even while another fixture is simultaneously in operation. With the Smart Sensor™ 5.7 the power of flow is in your hands.



California residents: see Proposition 65 information


Installation & Operation

911-621-N_Extreme SS 5.7 12v 5901-0201, 0211.pdf

Data Sheet / Replacement Parts

pds-Extreme SS 5.7 12v 5901-0201 11.pdf



EXTREME™ Smart Sensor 5.7

Model Numbers OEM/Aftermarket

5901-0201, 5901-0211


12 VDC

Dimensions Inches/Millimeters

9.25" x 5.0" x 5.5" [235x127x121mm]

Flow Rate GPM/LPM

5.0 GPM [18.9 LPM]

Amps (Max.)


Shut-Off Pressure

60 PSI [4.1 BAR]

Variable-Speed Operation
High-Flow Capability
High Pressure 60 PSI
Smooth Flow
Reduces Fluctuations in Water Temperature
Improves Performance of Showers, Heads and Sinks
Wide Flow Range for Single and Multi-Fixture Use
Eliminates Unwanted Water Hammering
3 Year Warranty
CE Listed
Model Number 5901-0201

OEM 5.0 GPM [18.9 LPM]

Model Number 5901-0211

Aftermarket 5.0 GPM [18.9 LPM]

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